At least pretend to be healthy

Green Smoothies are everywhere. Is it just some sort of peer-pressure that everybody swaps their Starbucks cup for green mud? Or are they (I dare say) actually yummy? Well, this one certainly is:

Picture Credit: Nick Hopper
(use organic ingredients where possible)

serves 2 people

1 apple, 100g

2 sticks of celery

Half a cucumber

70g spinach or kale

20g watercress

Half an avocado

12g ginger, peeled

3g parsley

3 tablespoons of lemon juice/juice of a lemon

1.25 cups of filtered water

5g dried dulse – we like Clearspring

1 teaspoon of super green powder (chlorella, spirulina etc) – we like Naturya, or for a blend try Maximum Recovery Organic Super Mega Greens or Viridian Soul Food Greens Powder

To make it into a soup

1 large clove of garlic

1 tiny pinch of cayenne, to taste

2 medium spring onions

1 pinch of sea salt, to taste

Wash all of the fruit and veg. Add the dulse and spirulina to the blender. Chop the veg and apple and place in the blender with the green leaves, avocado, ginger, parsley, lemon juice and most of the water, pulse a few times and blend until smooth. Add more water to achieve desired consistency. Add the savoury ingredients if you want a gazpacho.
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