Aren’t we all tree-huggers?

Céline, Acne Studios, A.P.C and many other cool brands have proven that being eco-friendly can be quite chic at the same time. No longer is linen for greenies only wearing it with socks in sandals. Caring about the environment is a fashionable statement today.

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Linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest in the world: their history goes back many thousands of years. The industrial processes of spinning and weaving have very little to no impact on the environment. Manufacturers are constantly investing in new equipment and production methods, reducing the need for energy and water and eliminating or recycling most of the waste. These mills use natural gas as a source of energy, which does not pollute the air. Research is ongoing to improve production methods that limit even more of their impact on the environment. Linen fabrics can be recycled into paper and insulation materials for the automobile industry. Another great advantage of linen is its typical “natural” color obtained by the interaction of the plant with the sun, the rain and the earth.

Many hotels follow this trend offering their guests a stylish interior made of sustainable materials. A great example with such concept is the “Linnen Hotel” in Berlin.
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Single rooms as well as entire apartments can be booked at reasonable prices. They purposely created spaces that are unlike those found in hotels trying to keep things as simple as possible. This extends to the service, which is modest but personable.
“We may not appeal to everybody, but those who like us sure like us a lot.”
“Linnen” is a quiet place and a TV-free zone. Tourists who are full-on discovering Berlin throughout the day, will find a great temporary escape in “Linnen” to hide away for a while.

“We believe that everybody has a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. We have taken active steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and we hope that our guests will help out as well.”, is one of their principles.

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